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Who is Foothill Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is an industry where individual entrepreneurship thrives. The exciting and entrancing concept of growing food without soil - indoors, on rooftops, or on cement slabs, brings out the imagation and creativity of all participants. 

about_us2.jpgBack in 1961, Lawrence (Buck) Isham, a Syracuse University graduate in civil engineering, started Foothill Hydroponics (on Foothill Blvd in La Crescenta - hence its name). He also developed his first hobby size hydroponic system. Across the Los Angeles basin, his "Double Bathtub" gravel system was a hit. It was copies and modified by others all over the west coast. All over the U.S. individuals have engineered hundreds of Hydroponic Systems. We at Foothill Hydroponics have established and modified nearly three dozen systems, culminating in our best - Hydromax 2000.

Marlin Meier, a chemical engineer, became Buck's partner in 1971 and together they engineered other changes as well as systems and hydroponic nutrient formulas to meet the needs of their customers.


By 1975, classes in Hydroponics were helping customers grow better plants and a much wider range. Twice a year, classes helped customers until 1982 when Marlin left the business to work inthe aircraft industry. By this time Foothill was in need of larger facilities so Buck moved to this current location in North Hollywood. Mohsen Daha assumed the business from Buck in 1983, but Buck continued to work in the store until his death in Jan. 1992.

When Mohsen Daha took over the business, he brought 25 years of Horticulture and Hydroponic experience from the Middle East and several European countries. He quickly established his ideas and knowledge for growth of the business.

Yes, Foothill is a retails store for the Hydroponist - both beginners and seasoned veterans - but we present Los Angeles with many ways to enjoy the fruits of interest in plant growing:

  • Making available equipment and instructional information for projects in school for students, grade school through high school.
  • Partnership with the 48th Agricultural District for teaching teachers of 7-12th grade students and supplying equipment for in-class demonstration of Hydroponic techniques of growing.
  • Carrying Hydroponics into the field of home decoration aesthetics with passive hydroculture systems for living plants throughout the house or office.
  • Backyard hobby greenhouse or open-air enthusiasts who stay out of the soil for their best growing.
  • Furnishing the Hollywood Movie studios with Hydroponic systems and plants for movie sets of Space, Submarine, or Desert Oasis locations. Five studios now make use of Mohsen's knowledge and expertise.
  • Working with time lapse companies by providing plants to grow under a controlled environment.
  • Courtesy cards with a 20% discount on merchandise for science teachers and students.
  • Free brochures and booklets.
Address: 10705 Burbank Boulevard North Hollywood, CA 91601 Phone: 818 760-0688